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America Under Attack (PART II)

September 13, 2001, GMT Morning, BBC

So is calm returning to the markets? Earlier this morning I spoke to Sonja Gibbs, chief strategist at Japanese investment bank Nomura, I asked her what she thought.

Sonja Gibbs (Chief Strategist, Nomura): One of the most important points is exactly what you mentioned just now. Oil prices are unlikely to spiral out of control. People that worry about all of this tragedy kicking the US and the global economy into recession make one very big assumption that oil prices will rise quite high. If that doesn’t happen and if the central banks have been responding with lots of liquidity, rate cuts are coming up, there’s more reason to be hopeful that the impact will be short and the rebound would come fairly soon. Thinking back to before the tragedy what everyone was worried about was a downward spiral in US consumer sentiment, leading to less spending leading to a drop in consumption next year and a US recession. That’s not going to happen.

It’s also worth saying that there is a lot of spending that needs to be done just simply to rebuild that part of Manhattan.

That’s quite right that they're spending not only on the simple rebuilding and the physical infrastructure, but on heightened security measures, on defense spending and on a myriad of associated industries along with that will be very simulative for the economy.


September 13, 2001, Morning, GMT, BBC

It’s also had the attacks have had economic repercussions not least of course in the markets. The European Central Bank is now saying it will again inject extra liquidity into the financial system to try and ensure stability after the terrorist attacks. That’s how the banks are coping, Aruna, injecting liquidity and that’s vital, isn't it?

That’s right. We're seeing today some stabilization in the world markets, but the chaos enveloping the city of New York after Tuesday’s attacks still continues to threaten the stability of the world’s financial markets. Meanwhile in Europe and Asia they're showing signs of steadying helped by a $120 billion fund injection by world central banks on Wednesday. The Board of the European Central Bank meets on Thursday to decide on interest rates and also there’s hopes the Federal Reserve will cut US rates before October to bolster the US economy.


September 13, 2001, Morning, GMT, BBC

Surely from listening to what you’re had to say, it’s fair to summarize perhaps there’s solidarity being expressed because of the numbers of people who’re died in the United States, but also anxiety about the form possible 1retaliation might take. Is that right?

I think that’s right. And I think publicly up to now we have seen purely the united front, the expressions of sympathy of solidarity, both in the invocation of Article Five by the NATO ambassadors, and in the declaration on Friday of the European day of mourning in which it’s hoped that people around Europe will keep three minutes silence. But I think already privately in some quarters not just among the general public but maybe also among some government officials, there will be a worry about what kind of action is the US going to take, how is that going to affect the EU and its citizens and a hope that it will not be disproportionate.

For all the world as of yesterday, everything has changed. So instrumentalities of government, the emotion of the American people and the concerns of the people around the world have to ask deep questions about the everyday functions, everyday life and some things we’re taken for granted. This was an assault not simply on the United States, but an assault on all civilization.



East Coast time: 美国东部时间。美国大陆分为三个时区,事发时美国正处于夏令时,东部时间比北京时间晚十二个小时。EST也就是美国东部时间;GMT是格林威治时间。

FAA: 美国联邦航空局, Federal Aviation Administration的缩写。这是一个对美国航空进行管理的国家政府部门。

convene: v. 集会,开会 

Washington D.C.: 华盛顿,也称哥伦比亚特区,即the District of Columbia。1791年作为南北争议的折衷方案,选定此地作为首都,在1800年美国正式由费城迁都至此。

Norfolk, Virginia: 诺福克。弗吉尼亚州东南部港口城市,是美国重要的海军基地。 

hijack: v. 劫持,抢劫  

Newark: 纽瓦克。美国新泽西州东北部港口城市。

loop back: 转回头。

Camp David: 戴维营。位于马里兰州,离美国首都华盛顿约113公里。从1942年起一直是美国总统的避暑之地。

myriad: n. 无数,极大数量

retaliation: n. 报复




索尼亚·吉布斯(野村投资银行首席战略员): 最重要的一点是你刚才提到的。原油价格是不可能一直加剧上升的。人们都担心这场悲剧会导致美国和全球的经济萧条,但这个推断的基础是建立在原油价格会暴涨的假设上的。如果原油价格不发生暴涨,如果全球的中央银行都向市场大量注资,并下调利率,这样就有希望使这场事件造成的负面影响只存在很短的时间,而且经济就会迅速反弹。回想一下在这次悲剧发生之前,所有的人都担心美国消费者的信心会急剧下降,引起开支减少,进一步引起明年的消费下降,并导致美国经济衰退。这是不会发生的。












美国世纪大灾难 (1)