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Napster Fights for Survival

   Thousands of miles away from Wall Street today, a ruling that truly rocks the music industry and fans of Napster, the popular on-line music swapping service was dealt a blow from a Federal Court in California, which concluded Napster is infringing on copyrights. But the service is still up and running. Bruce Francis joins us now with the details of today’s complex decision.

Bruce Francis: Up and running for now. Bed time for Napster? Not yet. The service stays up and running while a lower court figures out issues like identifying copyrighted files but today the recording industry clearly gained the upper hand in its love-hate, well mostly hate relationship with Napster.

   No rest for Napster user Peter Sayer this past weekend. A rush to find music before a potential shutdown yielded a bonanza.

Peter Sayer: Me and about a million other users run through it as well and that creates a large volume of shared files so there’s more out there to download and we go nuts downloading.

   Napster, which allows users to exchange recorded music over the Internet, plays on for Sayer and some 50 million other registered users but perhaps not for long. A Federal Appeals Court in San Francisco ruled that an earlier order shutting down Napster has to be modified. Once it is though, the service could be halted. In a slam dunk for the recording industry, the Ninth District Court Of Appeals found that Napster knew or had reason to know of its users?infringement of plaintiff’s copyrights. Napster’s CEO Hank Barry vowed to appeal.

Hank Barry: We believe this is contrary to what the court ruled today. The Napster users are not copyright infringers and we will pursue every legal avenue to keep Napster operating.

   The recording industry including Warner Music, which like CNN is owned by a AOL-Time Warner, couldn’t be happier.

 RIAA CEO, Hilary Rosen: That a business model built on infringement is not only morally wrong but legally wrong. And we’re very gratified that the Ninth Circuit today agreed with us one hundred percent.

   Last fall German entertainment giant Burtlesman broke ranks with the recording industry and invested in Napster and struck a deal to develop a subscription version. And while he’s still too young to legally drown his sorrows over today’s ruling in a beer, Napster’s founder Sean Fanning says that effort continues.

Sean Fanning: I’m focused on building this better service and I still hope to have it in place this year.

   But fans of a free Napster might not stick around.

User: My interest to get into this one when I can easily get into another one. If it was the same idea and you wouldn’t have to subscribe to it.

   And Napster could appeal the injunction and the rest of the decision to the Supreme Court


ruling: n. 裁决,统治                  

swap: vt. 交换

infringe: vt. 破坏,侵犯,违反          

shutdown: n. 停播,停工

download: n. 下载                       

nuts: a. 发疯的,傻的

halt: vt. 使停止                              

plaintiff: n. 起诉人,原告

pursue: vt. 追赶,追踪                    

avenue: n. 途径,方法

RIAA: Recording Industry association of America, 美国唱片工业协会。

gratify: vt. 使满足                      

break ranks: 出列,走出队伍

too young to legally drown his sorrows over today's ruling in a beer: 在美国,大部分州规定未满二十一岁不能饮酒。肖恩·范宁还未满二十一岁,因此他现在饮酒是不合法的。



布鲁斯·弗兰西斯:服务确实仍在继续。Napster该偃旗息鼓了吗?没有。Napster 的服务并未停止,一个下级法院正忙于一些诸如鉴定版权文件等事务的同时,今天唱片业在与Napster的恩怨——当然以怨为主的纠葛中明显地占了上风。



    Napster 继续开放,允许塞尔及其他五千万注册用户在互联网上交换录制的音乐,但这种状态也许不会维持多久。旧金山的一个联邦上诉法院做出裁决,将要对早先的一个关闭Napster 的决议做出修改。一旦这样,服务器将被停止。这是唱片业的一次重大胜利,地方第九上诉法院断定,Napster早就知道或有理由知道它的用户侵害了原告的版权。Napster的总裁汉克·巴里立誓要上诉。