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Online Brief News

   And we begin with a major U.S. consumer group, which has demanded that eight major search engines be investigated for misleading Internet users. Commercial Alert claims that the search engines failed to distinguish between paid-for ads and genuine search results. The search engines deny they’re deceiving their users but the Web ain’t  so free anymore. Be aware that many engines now do accept payment for placement.

Napster has decided to drop the MP3 music storage format it helped make famous in favor of dot Nap. Its own format developed with Burtlesman, which includes the copyright protection features the music industry have so craved. In so doing, Napster has for some become everything it never was and you almost wonder why they bother? You see these fickle kids have moved on. Oh, well.

Scientists in the U.S. have proven once and for all that bigger is better. They’ve built the largest computer display ever made. Measuring 130 square feet and made up of 20 million pixels. The screen displays images as good as the human eye is able to see. Far from showing off to their friends, the screen will allow scientists to improve their understanding of complicated systems likes crashes and fires. You see size does matter.

And we start this week with a question. Is your PDA turning your mind into a sieve? Well according to a study of 150 people, at Hakaido University School of Medicine, more than one in ten of us are suffering from severe memory problems. Some British researchers say that if you use the computer as a kind of external memory, your memory might be at threat. Now, what was the next story? Ah yes.

How about computers that understand how you feel? Researchers at IBM are working on an emotion mouse. They say it’s part mouse, part lie detector. It gauges a user’s mood by monitoring skin temperature, heart rate and sweat.

And dudes, hip cats and jiksters; if Madonna can webcast, a jazz combo can too. Melbourne trumpeter James Morrison is organizing what he says is the biggest jam session in the world. A special web site will then allow them to play along live with the band. Just imagine how many solos they’ll have to get through before they can return to the main riff in every number.


search engines: 搜索引擎

storage format: 储存格式

display: v. 显示器

square feet: 平方英尺,130平方英尺约为12平方米。

pixel: n. 像素

PDA: n. Personal Digital Assistant 个人数字处理器,目前市场上常见的“商务通”产品就是典型的个人数字处理器。

sieve: n. 筛子

webcast: v. 网上直播     

jazz combo: 爵士乐队

solo: n. 独奏、独唱    

main riff: 主旋律