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Natalie Imbruglia Comes Back

Sasha Rionda
Welcome back! Aussie singer Natalie Imbruglia is enjoying a high profile at the moment as the face of a certain cosmetics commercial. She hopes to add to that exposure with the release this week of the single "Beauty on the Fire". It's the third cut from her album "White Lilies' Island". (. ) And comes four years after her global smash, "Torn".

Natalie Imbruglia
I've been in such a dark place for a lot of the writing of the album, you know, just with the pressure and everything. There was a turning point after, I think, I wrote "That Day" with Pat Leonard, where I let go of something and that's when I started to, to get really, really excited, and really happy, and wrote some of the best songs on the record -last. I can't really write unless it's from a true place, so I had to kind of get happy, to write songs, you know, the injection of happiness of sunlight made an impression on the album.
因为要为那张专辑写许多的歌,我一直处于一种无法突破的灰暗阶段,到处充满压力。我想,事情发生转折是在我同帕特·莱昂纳德合写了《那一天》之后,我才走出了困境。那时, 我开始由衷地感到兴奋,真的很高兴,专辑中许多最好听的歌都是那时写的。除非来自内心的真实感受,否则我无法真正地创作。为此,我迫使自己寻找快乐,去写歌。你知道吗,充满阳光和快乐是这张专辑带给人们的感觉。

Natalie Imbruglia
The lesson that I've learnt from many songwriters out there, is, you know, you really should keep up your songwriting, you shouldn't take a year off, even if it's just a part of, even if just ... you're telling yourself it's just for fun, because it was really hard to get back. I really had to ask myself, what do I like, in uptempo pop-songs, coz every time I go to write a song like that, I cringe, like, I have this kind of, it's going too far, it's too cheesy, or happy, or it doesn't feel right. And I kept coming, coz I love melancholy, even in happy a song, you know.
我从许多歌曲作者那里学到的一个经验是:你要不停地写歌,不能有任何中断,哪怕只是一年,哪怕只是一年中的某个时期,我告诉自己这是为了快乐,因为快乐真的很难再找回。我不得不问自己,到底喜欢快节奏流行歌曲的哪一点,这样问是因为每次我写这类歌曲时,就会畏缩,我觉得那不是我喜欢的风格,它太潇洒,太快乐了,感觉上不对劲。因为我喜欢忧郁, 即便是一首快乐歌里也会带有忧郁。

注:uptempo (adj.) 快速

Natalie Imbruglia
The fear was probably more than pleasing other people, was can I please myself? Can I write a follow-up about them that I view as a step-on or better than the first? You know, I had my own scaring from probably having a song that was successful that I didn't write. You know, so, there was a lot of things that I needed to prove to myself. It was hard to take everything in.

Natalie Imbruglia
I was following this song around the world, collecting all these awards, and just trying to feel worthy of all this attention. So it was the best time of my life. I mean, you couldn't ask for more to make this crossover into music and then, you know, best new artist, MTV award, and all these awards, two Brit Awards, and it was just, it was so much...
这首歌却让我家喻户晓,获得了所有这些音乐奖项,我只是尽力感受她值得这样的关注。那是我生命中最好的时光。我的意思是,你不能对这种混合音乐要求更多了,那时,我已获得了最佳新人奖、MTV 奖,和两个英国的音乐奖。这简直,简直太多了。

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