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West Nile Virus

The West Nile virus continues to spread across the country, so do reports of human infections and deaths. CNN medical correspondent Rea Blakey joins us now with the very latest - Rea.

Jan, the numbers are very likely to change, but state health officials in Illinois confirm a 67-year-old man there has died from West Nile virus, the first death reported outside the southern United States. This has yet to be confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If confirmed, it would be the tenth fatality nationwide this year. Currently, nine states and the District of Columbia have CDC-confirmed human cases.
简, 数字很可能有变动,但伊利诺斯州的卫生部官员确定那里已经有一位67岁的男人死于西尼罗河病毒。这是所报道的美国南部以外城市的第一例死亡报告。当然这还要得到疾病防治及控制中心的确认。一旦此事确认,它将成为今年全国范围内的第十个死亡案例。现在,有9个州和哥伦比亚特区已发生经疾病控制中心确认的病例。

The total number, according to CDC, 160 human cases, along with the one death on August 10th in Illinois. Illinois health officials also report three additional cases that are not yet included in the federal tally. The total number of states where West Nile is present, that means confirmed cases of human, mosquito, bird, horse cases, now 37 plus the District of Columbia. Now, if Colorado infections in animals reported by that state today are confirmed by the CDC, Colorado would be the western most state where the virus is present.
注: CDC 疾病控制中心 Centers for Disease Control

The CDC predicts if the West Nile virus follows the patterns of previous years we could have 1,000 human cases before it's done. And remember, we've not yet hit the traditional peak of the season. Generally, West Nile virus peaks at the end of August, beginning of September. Until now, only the Culex mosquito, which is active at night, has been shown to transmit West Nile virus to humans.
据疾病控制中心预测,如果西尼罗河病毒像前几年的情形一样的话,在它消失以前我们要有1000 人难逃此劫。请记住,我们还没到传统上发病的高峰期。一般来讲,西尼罗病毒在8月底9月初的时候最猖獗。迄今为止,发现只有在夜晚活动频繁的库蚊能将西尼罗河病毒传播给人类。

For the first time this season, the Asian tiger mosquito has been found to be carrying the virus in Maryland. That according to the International Society for Infectious Diseases. This discovery carries a greater health risk for humans since the Asian tiger mosquito is active during the day and tends to bite only humans, not birds or animals. So no sentinels there.

Now, possible symptoms that should send you to the doctor if you think you might have West Nile virus or know someone who does include severe headache, sensitivity to light, fever, sometimes there's a rash. Also, any signs of mental confusion should be addressed by a health care professional. To reduce your risk of being bitten by one of those infected mosquitoes, wear repellent that is at least 25 to 35 percent DEET, that's a special chemical. For children just 10 percent DEET or less, and dump all standing water, Jan, around your property. It's just a mosquito-breeding magnet.

And the peak of the season is still to come?


And basically, the season goes on until we have the frost, is that right?

Exactly, cooler weather. We heard earlier in the season, a couple of weeks ago officials from Louisiana indicating that they felt like they probably wouldn't have a break in the weather, a frost, until October. So you can see how the cases could potentially mount up continuously.
的确是这样,要等到天气再冷一点。这个季节开始的时候, 我们听说路易斯安那州的官员们在前几周就料到他们在10月份霜冻之前不能有片刻松懈。因此,可见这些潜在的感染危险怎样慢慢持续地增长着。

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