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J Records CEO Davis

So what do Janis Joplin, Barry Mannilow, Luther Vandrous and Alicia Keys have in common? Well they've all got boost from the golden ear and the golden rolled disc of legendary hit-maker Clive Davis. After more than 35 years in the business, he's finally got his own label:J records, a joint-venture with the German media company Bertlesman. As the rest of the industry struggles with rising costs, slumping CD sales and the threat of new technology, the new label is blossoming under Davis' Midas touch. So we went to J Records to see why business there is so good.

At just 21, Alicia Keys is one of today's hottest recording talents. A platinum selling sensation, who swept this year's Grammy, winning 5 awards, including "best new artist".

Alicia Keys
Mr. Clive Davis. I don't even have to say any more.

Legendary Clive Davis, Chairman and CEO of J records, has done it again, backing a talented artist, sending her straight up to the top of the charts, and delivering profits to the bottom line. The singer and the label may be new, but after 36 years of triumph, Davis says the essence of the business is much the same...

Clive Davis
I've been in 3 companies all my life. I grew up at Columbia Records. I spent 25 years founding Arista and now with J. So that the common thread is to surround myself with those that share my love of music, my passion for music, and so the fact we're here 12-15 hours a day is not a chore, because we frankly love what we do.

Just two years ago, he was putting in marathon days at Arista. When executives at its parent company, Bertlesman, decided to make a change of the top, replacing the 67-year-old Davis with a younger executive. Davis agreed to step aside, but on his own terms, he wanted his own label. He walked away with 150 million dollars to launch the company, nearly 90% of his senior management team, and ten of Arista's artists, five of whom were platinum or multi-platinum.

In short, everything he needed to create what he calls " an instant major. And a sign, Davis says that the top may want him out of the way, but knew he can still deliver hits. Davis may be tapping his toes 20 something beat, but he's turning 70 next year. So is he ready to turn J Records over
to a younger generation? He says he'll stay as long as he's turning out hits. When that stops, when it's clear his creative powers have peaked. then, he told us, he'd bow out gracefully.
简而言之,他要创造一个所谓的" 大基调"。戴维斯说尽管高层们知道他仍是有创造力的,但还是想让他出局。他能用脚尖在一个音节中打20 个节奏,但是他毕竟明年就要满70岁了。他会把J唱片公司交给年轻人吗?他表示,只要还能出金曲唱片, 他就会一直呆下去。如果做不到这点,很明显他的创造力也就到头了。到那时候,他说他会很体面地从容引退。

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