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Plant of the Apes

Fans of the original are ready to go ape over this summer's movie offering from Fox. Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes is said to be neither a remake of the 1968 classic of the same name nor a sequel to the series. Rather, it is a reimagining, complete with more ape races, better ape faces, and a sexy ape heroine a la Rick Baker, veteran Hollywood ape maker. The movie stars Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg as its main human character, and has Charleton Heston, star of the original, in a special cameo--his time as an ape.

The premise is similar to that of the original, but the details are different. An ape that has been genetically altered for long-distance space travel is sent into the cosmos where its ship loses contact with Earth. Astronaut Leo Davidson (Wahlberg) goes after the ape, following it through a portal that transports him to an unknown time and place. He crashes on a backward, primal planet where apes rule and humans are reviled as animals and slaves. The simian he was chasing seems to have arrived long before, and is revered there as a planetary forefather.

An outsider to the place, and not socialized into its oppressive regime, Davidson inspires a revolt. Events propel him into the planet's forbidden zone, where his discoveries lead him to a deeply personal revelation about the significance of his presence in this strange world.

Performer Mark Wahlberg began his public life as a small-time thug, even doing time at one point for the savage beatings of two Vietnamese men. Though he denies racist intentions in the incident, Wahlberg had been censured in the past for using racial epithets at school.

Wahlberg credits his prison time for turning him around. It didn't hurt, though, that his older brother Donnie was a member of the boy group sensation New Kids on the Block. Donnie wrote some material for Mark and got him a recording contract. "Marky Mark"'s first rap album was a tremendous hit. His bad-boy attitude, along with the buff physique he was ever-willing to flaunt at concerts, caught the attention of fans, as well as of Calvin Klein, who signed him to a modeling contract.

Marky's gig was up, however, when new allegations of racism and homophobia hit the press at the same time as Wahlberg was tried for the unprovoked assault of a security guard. Wahlberg agreed to make amends by recording antibias advertisements, but the damage had already been done, and he had fallen from music and modeling grace.

When Wahlberg then ventured into acting, it was amid major skepticism. In role after role, however, a more mature Wahlberg has managed to impress critics. From The Basketball Diaries to The Perfect Storm, Wahlberg has come through with flying colors. Just as surprisingly, perhaps, he has also managed to stay out of trouble.



故事背景与原著雷同,细节则大相径庭。一只为长途太空航行而做了基因改造的人猿在被送入太空之后,座舱便与地球失去联系。华伯格饰演的太空人利奥·戴维森尾随人猿 穿过一道闸门后,发现自己身处一个未知的时空。他闯进一个落后、原始的星球。猿类主宰万物,人类则被视为动物和 奴隶饱受凌辱。他追逐的那只人猿似乎已久居该处,摇身一变,竟成了星球的开朝元老。




然而,不久他的短期歌唱表演生涯就结束了。他的种族歧视及反同性恋主张同时遭到媒体的挞伐,同时他也涉嫌 无故攻击一名保安人员。华伯格同意录制反偏见广告来改正错误,但伤害已经造成,他在乐坛和模特儿界的魅力也就荡然无存了。

当华伯格大胆涉足表演界时,众人均投以怀疑的眼光。然而经过一次又一次表演的锤炼,日渐成熟的华伯格给影评界的印象也越发深刻。从《篮球日记》到《完美风暴》, 华伯格皆颇获好评。或许,总是出人意料的他,已经摆脱了麻烦缠身的岁月。

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