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Ruthless ( a.)  冷血无情的

A: Why are some stepmothers so ruthless?
B: They are jealous of the attention given to the children.



Just yet
快速发音 慢速发音 中文解说
Don't go just yet. 先别走。


Arafat, Barak meet amid tension, mistrust

In an atmosphere of high tension and mistrust, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat met warily at an emergency summit Monday aimed at halting bloody clashes in the Mideast.

阿拉法特和巴拉克在紧张不信任气氛下会面 在高度紧张和不信任气氛下,以色列总理巴拉克和巴勒斯坦领袖阿拉法特星期一谨慎会商紧急高峰会,企图停止中东流血冲突。

China Premier tours Japanese factory

Oshinomura -- Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji visited a Japanese robot factory Sunday, praising his hosts for their technological expertise. "I have great respect for the brilliant results Japan has achieved in building up its nation and the talents and wisdom of the Japanese people," Zhu said at a banquet following the tour. Japan is China's largest trading partner, and two-way trade between the nations jumped 30 percent in the January-June period to a record US$38.76 billion. Japanese technological assistance is expected to help modernize China's industrial sector when membership to the World Trade Organization forces the country to slash trade barriers and compete against more efficient foreign rivals.



Brilliant t 出色的

A: Did you go to Timmy's violin concert?
B: Of course, it was a brilliant performance.

Indonesia, still trapped in the mire of the Asian crisis, is seeking at least 4.8 billion US dollars in loans from the Consultative Group on Indonesia (CGI), its largest donor group. The World Bank-chaired group of donors, which includes advanced countries and major international financial institutions, is holding a meeting in Tokyo today and tomorrow to discuss aid commitments for Indonesia next year.


Torrential rain across much of the southern Alps over the past week has triggered floods which are feared to have killed up to 20 people. In Switzerland, 13 people still missing after a mudslide ravaged the tiny village of Gondo on Saturday are presumed dead, although no bodies have been found.




I couldn't care less. ( 我不在乎/我无所谓。)

*He failed the examination but he didn't seem to care.
*Don't you care about this country's future.


be dressed up like a peacock
(a person who is dressed handsomely and colorfully)


A: How come Debra is all dressed up like a peacock today?

B: She wants to draw Bill's attention.


five-finger discount (shoplifting)



A: Hey, where did you get that expensive watch? Don't tell me it was a five-finger discount.

B: No way! I learned my lesson after I got caught stealing CDs last year.

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