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Quite a few  相当多的

She has collected quite a few pieces of antiques over the years.
Quite a few people were at the beach on Monday.




Each other
慢速发音 快速发音 中文解说

Our seats are right next to each other again!



Republicans keep control of Senate and Congress by narrow margins

Republicans retained their hold on the Senate and House early Wednesday by the slimmest of margins, barely turning back a ferocious, well-financed Democratic bid to gain a majority.

共和党仍是国会多数党 美国第一夫人希拉克历史性胜利票当选纽约州国会议员,但民主党仍待努力结束共和党长控国会六年局面 。

U.S patrols modified to avoid shootdowns of Iraqi civilian planes US pilots patrolling flight-exclusion zones over southern and northern Iraq have made "appropriate changes" to avoid accidentally shooting down Iraqi civilian planes, a Pentagon official said Tuesday. The changes were made after Iraq began domestic commercial passenger flights last weekend, spokesman Kenneth Bacon said .

美军战机减少巡逻,以免误射伊拉克民航机 五角大厦周二表示,巡逻伊拉克北部禁航区的美国战机,已经作出「适当的改变」,以避免误射飞过该区的伊拉克民航机。这项改变是从上周伊拉克片面恢复国内民航客机运输后,开始实施。

China had 20,711 HIV carriers at the end of September, up 37 percent when compared to a year earlier, the official Xinhua news agency quoted the health ministry Wednesday. The figures were at odds with estimates made by Chinese experts in state media who have said there were around 500,000 HIV positive people in the country. The United Nations has predicted that HIV, if left unchecked, will have infected around 10 million Chinese by 2010. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is the virus that causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS.

根据官方的新华社周三引述卫生部的消息指出,截至九月为止中国已有两万○七百一十一名爱滋病病毒带原者,这个数据较一年前成长了百分之三十七,但与先前由国营媒体的中国专家所提供的估计数字有所出入,这些专家曾表示,中国国内已有将近五十万名的爱滋病病毒的阳性带原者。联合国预测,如果不加以抑制,在二○一○年之前,中国将有近一千万人会感染爱滋病病毒。爱滋病病毒即引发「后天免疫不全症候群」的病毒,或简称为 AIDS。

at odds with 与 …不同

A: Why did the opposition vote to recall the president after the government halted construction of the nuclear power plant?


B: They're at odds with the president on this issue.


Microsoft acknowledged Friday that hackers had accessed source code to programs in development, but company representatives said the intruders did not see code for existing products. Criminal investigators, under the direction of the FBI, believe a Microsoft employee received email containing a common hacker program known as a Trojan horse, which he or she unknowingly launched. The hacker could then have launched a program that searched for and retrieved emails containing passwords.



You won't get away with this.
( 你逃不掉这个惩罚。)

*I'm afraid I can't get away from the meeting.

*How did he get away with cheating?


behind the eight ball(in a difficult or impossible situation)


A: We're going to miss our connecting flight because of this storm.

B: Looks like we're caught behind the eight ball. Nothing we can do.


get outta here (you'e kidding me or lying to me)



A:A lot of people say that my son is as handsome as I am.

B: Get outta here! Your handsome son got his looks from his mother.

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