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    How can I control my anxiety, my 1)stage fright, when I must deliver a speech or make a formal presentation?

  Put your attention on the listener, instead of on yourself. Concentrate on your message to the listener. 2)Subdue your 3)ego. Try to relax before you speak. Take a few deep breaths, a sip of water, sit quietly by yourself and review what you are about to say. Read some of the excellent books on stage fright. There are many in your libraries and bookstores. Insecurity and lack of self-confidence lead to stage fright and performance anxiety. Probably the best advice we can give to you is improveyour voice and speech to the point where you feel confident as a speaker. People only feel good about things they believe they do well.

    People often ask, how can I become a more lively and interesting speaker? Be sure that the words you use are colorful and interesting. Interest in your subject always shines through. Make sure that you're in a good frame of mind, positive, 4)upbeat when you speak. Your energy level is vital to becoming an interesting speaker. And smile. Use those eyes. Look bright and interesting.

    A frequent question is how can I help my children to speak more effectively? Start working with them when they are very young. Parents, if you are not a particularly good speech model for your children, make certain that they are exposed to people who are. Choose television programs wisely. Many improper speech models are on television these days. Many of our athletes and media celebrities are not good speech role models for the young. Children speak by imitating those around them. That's the best advice we can give. Make sure that you provide your children with effective voice models to imitate.

    Another tip: Public speaking prowers starts in early childhood. Take advantageof every opportunity at your church, a social club, a family gathering for your children to speak, to make an announcement, to toast the bride and groom. Performance anxieties will be greatly reduced in adulthood if children are encouraged to speak in public.

    Why do people keep asking me to repeat myself? I speak too rapidly. I rather 5)slur my words together. I sometimes admit the final consonant sounds of the -ing ending from my words.

    All of these problems concern articulation, the clarity of speech. Do you speak with a lazy mouth? You must actively use your articulators to produce the crisp, clear speech sounds that effective speakers use.

   Speak naturally and convincingly. Although we live in a world of fast cars, fast food, fast travel, speech improvement takes time. It's never a quick fix. But take heart. It's faster than you may imagine.















1) stage fright  怯场       

2) subdue  vt. 征服    

3) ego  n. 自我,利己主义

4) upbeat  a. 乐观的,欢乐的注释:

5) slur  vt. 急促而不清楚地讲,含糊读出