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    Across all cultures, across all centuries, we've painted our bodies, marked our faces with 1)ochre and ashes, 2)mascara and 3)rouge.

Woman1: Psychologically speaking, make up is extremely important. It is part of 4)pageantry. It's fun to make yourself up.

Woman2: And yes, I think it is a bit of a secret weapon. Giving yourself more confidence or making love to oneself. Great. Yeah!

Man 1: Makeup is the connection to that other version of self.

     In every age make up has taken on deep significance. Ancient Egyptian rulers, Celtic warriors fighting the Romans, England's Queen Elizabeth I, or an early twentieth century woman forcing her wayinto a male working world. For each, cosmetics played a vital role.

Woman 3: I said here's my face. Here's who I am, and appreciate it, enjoy it.

     Now science and marketing have combined to 5)weave cosmetics products tightly into millions of lives, and world wide many more are added to the fold each year.

Woman 4: We like to think of ourselves as the Coca-Cola or the McDonalds of beauty.

     The history of cosmetics is 6)con-troversial. Very often the lines drawn have been social battle lines.  The painted face has been variously 7)reviled on religious, moral, or political grounds according to the temper of the times.

Woman 5: Mothers took their daughters into 8)juvenile court to prevent them from wearing make up.

Judge:Shall incur the 9)penalty of the law in force against 10)witchcraft.

Woman 6:  It's 11)alienated women from their bodies.

     Across the years some women have been literally dying to be beautiful. Cosmetic 12)ingredients once included 13)arsenic and lead, and some say the dangers remain.

Man 2: The whole witches 14)brew of thisindustry, this 15)reckless industry.

     Others as strongly defend the safety of cosmetics and their right to use them.

Woman 7: I'm me and I'm a woman and I feel strong, but I also enjoy makeup.

Man 3: I use cosmetics, my wife does, and we use them on our small baby. I wouldn't do that if I didn't think they were safe.

     And these never have been issues for women alone.

Woman 8: There's no question that men are just as 16)vain as women.

Woman 9: We are looking for their husbands, they're looking for everybody.

     For much of the past and in many cultures, men have worn make up quite openly. Cosmetics companies are hoping to persuade them to do it again.

Woman 10: There's no question that they are grooming men to be 17)predisposition to wear cosmetics again.

Man 4: We ain't going to go 18)meekly into the future looking older and older.

     For both men and women the quest for beauty is an essential part of our humanity. While 19)cynics say what cosmeticians sell us is hope in a jar.




























1) ochre  n. 赭石       

2) mascara  n. 染眉毛油       

3) roug n. 胭脂

4) pageantry  n. 壮观,华丽

5) weave  v. 编织,编排     

6) controversial  a. 有争议性的 

7) revile v. 辱骂,斥责   

8) juvenile  a. 少年的    

9) penalty  n. 处罚,罚款

10) witchcraft  n. 妖术,魔法   

 11) alienate  v. 使疏离

12) ingredient  n. 成分         

13) arsenic  n. 砒霜           

14) brew  v. 酿造 

15) reckless  n. 不计后果的                         

16) vain  n. 虚荣,自负

17) predisposition   n. 倾向,素质           

18) meekly   adv. 温顺地,谦卑地

19) cynic  n. 愤世嫉俗者