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Song: Sometimes I run. Sometimes I hide. Sometimes I'm scared of you. But all I really want is to hold you tight.

Britney Spears: I was born 17 years ago in Kentwood, Louisiana.

Song: Treat you right. Baby all I need is time.

Britney: Before I was talking, I was singing.

Song: ...be so shy. Every time that I'm alone I wonder why.

Interviewer: You've had some success.

Britiney: Big 1)splurge was my car.

Interviewer: Tell me about your car.

Britney: I just got a Mercedes SL500. And it's so beautiful. It's white; it's a 2)convertible and the stereo system is 3)awesome. So, I love my car.

Interviewer: Do you get to drive it much?

Britney: Not really, but when I go home it's wonderful 'cause I can escape the world and drive.

Interviewer: What do your friends think of all this?

Britney: They think it's so cool. They're so happy for me.

Interviewer: That's great.

Britney: Yeah.

Interviewer: So, about this video, this was your idea?

Britney: Yes, it was my idea.

Interviewer: Come to the beach?

Britney: Come to the beach, I mean how awesome is this! Beautiful!

Interviewer: Kind of a little mini vacation for you?

Britney: My first big break was the Mickey Mouse club. It was so much fun and I got to work with Keri Russell. She's on Felicity now.  She's like so beautiful and so sweet. And Justin and JC and they're in N' SYNC right now, and who else... Ryan Gosling, he's doing the new series called the Hercules. 

Interviewer: Hercules.

Britney: I was on Star Search one night when I was like nine years old. It was, I was so nervous. I was so nervous and I won one and I lost one. And I was so sad when I lost. I was a total 4)goof.

Interviewer: Well, what did you do when you won?

Britney: I was just like, I called everybody. I called all my friends. I was just like Guess what? So there's a lot of dancing, and you know, it's taking place on the beach. And we're dancing out on the 5)pier and I have all my dancers with me. And there's not really in depth story line, but there's, you know, a love interest in it. And he's really, really cute, my sexy man. And it has just been fun so far. I hope it turns out well.

Britney: Just you know to be positive to wards life and just be confident with yourself and go for what you believe in, totally.

Interviewer: Peace all.

Britney: Peace all man.

Interviewer: Perfect.

Song: Sometimes I run. Sometimes I hide. Sometimes I'm scared of you. But all I really want is to hold you tight. Treat you right. Be with you day and night. Baby all I need is time.

Britney: I want to say hello to all of you out there right now watching Ask Britney. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful questions. I wish I had a lot more time to answer a lot more, but I don't because I'm on tour right now. But I hope you love my album and I hope to see you soon.

     Singer Michael Jackson has announced that he will be releasing his new album in March of next year. Along with his new album, he also told the press that he plans to release a new - Oh, what's this? - Jackson Five Album. This long awaited album will be produced by Jackson himself, along with Teddy Riley, R.Kelly, and Rodney Jerkins.

  The popular group WESTLIFE recently visited their fans right here in Korea, and POPS & SOUL is sad to say that group member Nicky was out sick. Unfortunately he didn't make it to the interview.  But he's in Korea and we hear he's going to be just fine. Why don't we go meet them right now?

     Hi, we're WESTLIFE. I'm Kian, I'm Mark, I'm Bryan, and I'm Shane!

     WESTLIFE's 6)debut album set a new record last year, producing 5 number 1 hits in a row. We wanted to know what their purpose was for coming to Korea. Let's see what they had to say.

    Basically the main reason why we came to Korea this time was to promote our new album, which is called Coast to Coast. Another reason would be sort of to thank the fans for supporting us on our last album, to give them some performances and interviews to watch. But mainly to promote the new album Coast to Coast and being in Korea is absolutely amazing. They're giving us such a great welcome just basically very, very nice people and we feel very comfortable here.

      They tell us that they were a bit apprehensive about their new album because their debut album was such a huge success. They mentioned that they worked extrahard on this album. Let's find out the details from them.

    OK, the second album compared to the first one, I think, we're matured with this album. I think the songs in general are generally better songs. You know, vocally wise, I think, you know, we've performed a lot better on this album. Production wise, I feel that the production is a lot better on this album. Plus we've brought in some more mid tempo and up tempo songs for this album.

     WESTLIFE sends their congratulations to President Kim Daejung on winning the Nobel Peace prize. WESTLIFE will be performing their new song at the awards ceremony. So all of you WESTLIFE fans, be sure to watch it. Let's wish WESTLIFE good luck over the future.

Speaking of WESTLIFE, the next world pop video I'm about to show you guys is the newest video from their latest album Coast to Coast.  It's titled My Love and was actually the number one hit single on the UK chart last month. WESTLIFE has produced five number one singles on their debut album, and was noticed for being managed by former BOYZONE member Ronan Keating. Are you guys ready? Here's WESTLIFE with My Love.













































1) splurge  n. 卖弄,夸耀 

2) convertible  a. 可转换的 

3) awesome  a. 可怕的,敬畏的

4) goof  n. 呆瓜    

5) pier  n. 码头

6) debut  n. 初次登台