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J.K. Rowling (Author): I know that when I read books as a kid, the characters became part of my fantasy life.

Margot Adler (Interviewer): Uh-huh. And you've lived with Harry Potter for more than ten years.

Rowling: Yeah.

Margot: And Im wondering if he lives with you now, more with you now? Does he sit on your shoulder? You know that.

Rowling: Hes still very with me.

Margot: Always?

Rowling: Of course. I mean it's avery very all-consuming project. It's a seven novel series. I have 127 characters. That's a lot of characters to keep in play. It's an increasingly complex plot, as I always planned it. Obviously it's the focus of an enormous amount of my time and energy and that huge part of my life.

Margot: Now you still have at least three years to go to write five, six and seven of the series. And given that Harry Potter was ten years in the making, are there other projects that are beginning to 1)percolate? I'm not saying you have to tell us those but that are beginning to sort of percolate in your head for sort of beyond Harry?

Rowling: There are ideas. But as I say, it's 127 characters in this, its very long. I'm not eager to finish Harry. I don't want to lose the momentum, so I'm not about to take time off from writing it in the sense that I don't want to walk away from it and come back. It's going to be part of the reason to finish the book. It'sbeen such a huge part of my life and I neither want to hasten towards it nor do I want to extend the series unnecessarily. And I still love the writing of it, but it was very pressured at one point and I was really 2)pressurized putting on myself. Obviously I wanted to finish the book to my satisfaction and I obviously didn't want to disappoint people by missing the deadline. We made the deadline but I did do that by putting in very, very long days and working in a, far more pressured way than I normally work.

Margot: How are you protecting yourself from all this celebrity in order to have time to write?

Rowling: Mostly its really not that difficult, you know. People ask me, Can you still walk down the street without being recognized very easily? The more difficult aspect is that you do find everyone wants something, and loads of the people who want something. I want it for very, very good causes. But there has to be a counterpoint because I will not produce anymore work if I do everything that people are asking of me. So there are charities I do work for but obviously I have to turn a lot of it down. It's quite apart from wanting to continue to be a novelist. It's wonderful I lovegiving readings, I love answering kids questions. In fact this is very difficult, but journalists have been asking me for the title of book five, and I finally this morning I cracked and told an eight-year- old boy because I just wanted to see the look on his face when I told him. But only occasionally do I think, What have you done? and normally thats on a day when some journalist has come up and bangs on my front door and I never expected that and I can't say I particularly enjoy that. But most of the time it is really wonderful.

Margot: Knowing what do you know now about the last four years of experience? Is there anything that youd do differently?

Rowling: In retrospect...only fairly 3)trivial things. Overall no, not really. In terms of the writing, you always look back at your work at your books and think, Why did I say it that way? Why did I do it that way? I think the urged thinker remains even after the books are in print. In other ways in sort of handling everything that's happened, I'm still learning on the job.


















1) percolate   v. 精力充沛,变得积极;滤过

2) pressurize   v. 密封,加压