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For ten long years the Greeks had battled against the 3)Trojans. For ten long years the soaring towers of 4)Troy had 5)withstood their attacks. Then suddenly in a flash of flame and a splash of blood, the Trojan city had fallen to them at last. The Trojans had no warning of the attack. No time to gather together their soldiers. Greek warriors appeared out of the night like ghosts.

    The next day, only the very old, the wounded and the women remained alive in the cruel dawn. To these lonely survivors, it seemed impossible that only the night before they had believed the Trojan army had been granted victory. But there in the great square where they had celebrated, the wooden horse still stood, huge and hollow.

     Now as smoke from the burning city rises into the morning air announcing their triumph to the world, one thing occupies the Greek soldiers gathering on the bay shore -- the thought of home. An end at last to their far away exile!

     The black-6)hulled ships that had carried them to Troy are quickly prepared for the return journey. Trojan treasure with wine and stores 7)looted from the city fill the hulls until they 8)groan with the burden. Victory 9)ribbons flutter from the masts. Fine Trojan 10)armor lies 11)heaped in the bows. For the last time they bend to work together 12)heaving ships off the sand and 13)gravel into the surf. Twelve ships 14)anchored just off the beach run out their 15)oars with a 16)rumble. The early morning sun casts shadow oars that 17)ripple across the sandy sea bottom beneath their 18)keels. A shouted order floats over the water. The sailors are quiet, looking expectantly towards one ship.

     It edges clear of the others. In the stern is a 19)stocky man dressed in a simple white 20)tunic. A thin gold band rests lightly on his dark curly hair. The man is Odysseus, King of Ithaca, lord of Zanthe, hero of Troy. Eyes bright with cunning sweep over his little fleet. He nods in satisfaction. Everything is ready. The signal is given.

     Twelve broad sails 21)unfurl and 22)belly in the breeze. Twelve 23)cockerels painted on the sails puff in the wind and crow proudly. Slowly at first but picking up speed, the ships head seaward. Shouts of farewell from the shore are soon replaced by the 24)rigging, creaking in the wind. The rhythm of the oars and the rush of white water curling past the bows. After one last look, the stocky figure with the circuit of gold turns his back on the ruined city and its 25)plume of smoke to face the sea.CE











1) Odyssey [5Cdisi:] n.《奥德赛》荷马所作

2) Homer [5hEumEr] n. 古希腊作者,著有《奥德赛》

3) Trojan [5trEudVEn] n. 特洛伊人

4) Troy [trCi] n. 特洛伊(小亚细亚的古城)

5) withstand [wiT5stAnd] v. 抵挡,反抗;顶得住,经受住

6) hull [hQl] n. [海]壳;船壳,船体

7) loot [lu:t] v. 抢劫,掠夺

8) groan [grEun] v. 呻吟

9) ribbon [5ribEn] n. 缎,带

10)armor [5a:mEr] n.装甲,装甲兵

11) heap[hi:p] v. 堆积

12) heave [hi:v] n. [海]使(船)开动

13) gravel [5grAvEl] v. 使(船)搁浅在沙滩上

14) anchor [5ANkEr] v. 抛锚,锚定

15) oar [C:r] n. 桨,橹

16) rumble [5rQmbl] n. 隆隆声

17) ripple [5ripl] v. 起波纹

18) keel [ki:l] n. 船的龙骨

19) stocky [5stCki] a. 健壮结实的

20) tunic [5tju:nik] n. 紧身短上衣

21) unfurl [Qn5fE:l] v. 使旗招展

22) belly [5beli] v. 涨满

23) cockerel [5kCkErEl] n. 小公鸡

24) rigging[5rigiN] n. 索具,装备

25) plume [plu:m] n. 羽状物


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