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1.Appeal v. 1.恳请 同:implore 2.吸引
The government is appealing to everyone to save water.
The music is too old-fashioned to appeal to people any longer.

2.Bustle n.喧扰的活动 同:fuss
There was a great bustle as the children got ready for the party.

3.Crave v.渴望 同:fuss
I’m craving for a cup of tea. I’ve not had one all day.

4.Discord n.争论 同:disagreement
Various discords have arisen in the university over this question.

5.Drill n.练习 同:training
The English teacher gave the class plenty of drills in pronunciation.

6.Eventually adv.最后 同:ultimately
We waited more than an hour for him, but eventually we had to leave without him.

7.Futile adj.无用的 同:vain
Please don’t waste time by asking such futile questions.

8.Ingredient n.成分 同:component
The ingredients of a cake usually include eggs, sugar, and flour.

9.Predict v.预测 同:foretell
The weather service predicts heavy rain for tomorrow.

10.Raid n.突然搜索 同:attack
During their raid on the house, the police found a lot of dangerous drugs.

11.Repel v.击退 同:repulse
The enemy in the city was repelled by our troops.

12.Rouse v.激励 同:awaken
The speaker tried to rouse the massed from their lack of interest.

13.Tolerate v.容忍 同:endure
I can’t tolerant your bad manners any longer.

14.Utmost adj.极端的 同:extreme
She was standing at the utmost edge of the cliff to kill herself.

15.Assault n.攻击 反:defense
We are ready to meet the enemy’s assault on our fort.

16.Hostile adj.怀有敌意的 反:hospitable
Their hostile looks showed that I was unwelcome.

17.Independent adj.自立的 反:dependent
Since she inherited her father’s fortune, she is completely independent of her husband.

18.Inevitable adj.不可避免的 反:avoidable
They ran short of money during the tour, and their return was inevitable.

19.Link v.连接 反:separate
The new road links all the towns in the state.

20.Obscure adj.偏僻的 反:distinct
We had difficulty in finding the obscure path through the forest.

21.Optimism n.乐观 反:pessimism
The candidate’s optimism about his chances of winning encouraged his supporters.

22.Serene adj.宁静的 反:agitated
He kept serene and calm, knowing nothing of the dangers, which surrounded him.

23.Submit v.屈服 反:conquer
No one would submit silently to such an insult.

24.Summit n.顶峰 反:bottom
At last the mountain climbers reached the summit of the mountain.

25.Unique adj.唯一的 反:common
This proposal seems to be the unique solution to our problem.

26.Vacuum n.真空 反:fullness
For that experiment you need a complete vacuum.

27.Veteran adj.老练的 n.老手 反:apprerntice
At the age of 12, the boy was already a veteran traveler, having flown all over the world with his father.

28.Abide v. 1.容忍 2.遵守
A good housekeeper can’t abide dust.
If you join the club you must abide by its rules.

29.Allegiance v.忠诚
His allegiance to his country lasted all his life.

30.Analyze v.分析
The food was analyzed and found to contain small amounts of poison.

31.Consume v.用尽
He consumed almost all the money he earned last summer.

32.Dictate v. 1.口述 2.指定
The president of the company dictated a letter to his secretary.
The country that won the war dictated the terms of peace to the conquered country.

33.Fluent adj.流畅的
He is very fluent in English, but not in French,

34.Friction n.摩擦
Friction against the rock, combined with the weight of the climber, caused his rope to break.

35.Miser n.吝啬鬼
A miser liver poorly in order to save money and keep it.

36.Monarch n.帝王
The national band played for the visiting monarch.

37.Partition n.划分
The partition of the country into two parts caused many problems.

38.Qualify v.使胜任
Being the son of a member of parliament doesn’t qualify him to talk about politics.

39.Succession n.连续
After a succession of warm days, the weather became cold.

40.Tribute n. 1.贡物 2.表示尊敬
Many conquered nations had to pay tribute to the rulers of ancient Rome.
By erecting this statue we have paid a tribute to the memory of the founder of our college.

41.Clue n.线索
The police could find no fingerprints or other clues to help them in solving the robbery.

42.Cluster n.串
She bought two clusters of grapes for her little son.

43.Flush v. 1.脸红 2.泛滥
Her face flushed when she could not answer the easy question.
The stream was flushing after the heavy rain.

44.Germ n.细菌
The wound must be kept clean so that germs do not infect it.

45.Grunt v.抱怨声
“I’m too tired,” he grunted, and then fell asleep again.

46.Junction n.会合处
The two rivers make their junction near the sea.

47.Pinch v.捏
He pinched fruit to see if it was soft.

48.Prairie n.大草原
The prairie was ideal for growing wheat.

49.Rim n.边;缘
The basketball hit the rim of the basket and bounced off.

50.Shove v.推挤
There was a lot of pushing and shoving to get on the bus.

51.Stammer v.口吃
“Th-th-thank” you “v-v-very” much, he stammered.

52.Technical adj.工艺的
He is studying automobile repairs at a technical school.

53.Tint n.淡色
The picture was painted in several tints of blue.


1.The principal would not _____ smoking or drinking in the school building.
2.Blue and red _____ to me ,but I don’t like gray or yellow
3.Death is _____; it comes to everyone.
4.The two village were _____ together by a tunnel built recently.
5.It was such a(an) _____ summer night that we went out for a walk around the peaceful lake.
6.We can _____ water into two colorless gases , hydrogen and oxygen.
7.The shy girl _____ when a strange man spoke to her.
8.Have any _____ been found that can help the police find the criminal.
9.She _____ the heavy table against the wall to sweep the room.
10.There was a band of gold around the _____ of the cup.

1. tolerate 2. appeal 3. inevitable 4. linked 5. serene
6. analyze 7. flushed 8. clues 9.shoved 10.rim